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● Any consultation via email to design a suitable commissioned artwork is free of charge. Please feel free to brainstorm with the artist to put together a great idea for a painting. The artist has digital tools and experience to help you choose just the right reference image for your artwork.

● Send an image you would like to be painted, preferably by email. Also specify: canvas type, size, oil or acrylic, painting style.

● Your image will be kept confidential and deleted when the artwork is completed. Only with the client’s permission will the finished piece be displayed in the gallery section on this website.

● Please feel free to select a reference picture for your painting from the artist’s own photos (see photos).

● The price of an artwork depends on the type and size of the canvas, type of painting, and special material costs (see price charts below).

● All artwork prices include VAT (10%).

● Correct painting rules will be adhered to, and quality art supplies used to ensure a long lasting end product.

● For canvases types / sizes other than those listed below (eg: stretched, oval, circular) please contact the artist.

● Currently, only commissions in Finland.

Pricing guide

● Lowest price = Painting done using a stencil / very simple reference picture / lots of simple abstraction.

● Medium price = Painting done in a realistic or semi-realistic style.

● Highest price = Large areas of fine painstaking detail / large quantities of special materials, like gold leaf / large amount of paint for very thick impasto style.

● 20% discount for artworks that are comprised of multiple panels.

Example: Realistic landscape oil painting comprised of two 50cm x 70cm panels, using normal materials.


350€ + 350€ = 700€

+ 20% discount

= 560€