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Photo by E.V. Murto. Porkkalanniemi, Finland. September 2018

I was born in Australia, grew up in New Zealand, and in 2003 moved to Finland, where both my parents are from.  I now live in Espoo, with my wife and daughter.

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved drawing, writing and creating games. As a teenager, I also became deeply interested in painting and photography.

Spending time outdoors is very important to me. Lots of inspiration for my art has come from nature. Fantasy and science fiction have also delighted and creatively inspired me over the years.

I constantly strive to improve my creative skills, and I always have a weather eye on the horizon for new techniques and creative ideas.

Artist CV 

  • Exhibitions from 2011
  • Design and crafting of garden ornaments for Finnish YLE1 television (Puutarha unelmia program)
  • About 30 years painting experience (acrylic and oil)
  • Arts & crafts classes for childen. Metropolitan Recycling Center, Helsinki

Photo by I.Wall. Banks peninsula, New zealand. December 2016

   Communities I belong to:

  • Paint My Photo
  • Instagram
  • Pixabay
  • Federation of Finnish Enterprises


Art Games Books is a private trader company started in September 2018. Through my company I hope to offer affordable quality art, fresh innovative games, and entertaining stories. With the exception of occasional collaboration projects, I mostly work alone from my small home studio.

Some of my creations are old works in progress, others as new as yesterday. Whilst I now live in Finland, some of my significant projects have their origins in New Zealand.

Art Games Books MM is primarily a creative venture, but I also do some small building projects, renovating and garden jobs as a part of my business operations.